llynkr™ is a MOBILE APPLICATION for preschool communication

With llynkr™ preschools will be able to reach out to all parents through a singular channel and will be able to give them easy access to their calendar, event pictures, meal menus and send them notifications. Parents will no longer have to seek this information on various channels such as the school notice board, calendar or handbook, but will instead get regular alerts on their phones real-time.

A flexible solution for your

Preschool's Communication Needs!

Two Way Communication

A key attribute of llynkr™ is that it will not just allow preschools to communicate with parents, but will also allow preschools to receive desired communication from parents. Classroom teachers will be notified real-time if a child will be absent in class, and the preschool will be notified if there is a change contact information of the parents.

Automated Communication

Another key attribute of llynkr™ is that it will automate much of a preschool's current communication thereby considerably reducing their communication workload. Also preschools can define other communication they want automated such as thoughts for the day or happy birthday messages. This additional communication will help preschools connect with parents with no extra effort on their part.

Key Features of llynkr™

  • Easy to use interface
  • Device agnostic
  • No hardware costs
  • Seamless transition
  • Go live in 7 days

Key Benefits for Parents

  • Information brought to phones
  • No more missed events
  • Adequate head start to plan
  • Always in touch with child’s activities

Key Benefits for Preschools

  • Faster communication
  • Reduced workload
  • Single communication channel
  • Paperless communication

How to get Started

If you're a parent

Download the app from
the Google Play Store on
your android phones

(Ensure your school has
signed up with llynkr™)

Enter your
mobile number
to sign in

Get Started

If you're a preschool

Sign up for
pilot program

Launch pilot for
1 - 2 classes

Do a full rollout

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What Our Customers Say

Niyati Chitkara

Principal, Chitkara International School, Chandigarh

llynkr is the nervous system of our school that helps in functioning of all the Parents, Students and Staff Members simultaneously together as a team so as to ensure a healthy school with healthy minds

About Us

Founded in 2014, at Llynkr™, we are a small group of passionate people working towards transforming the way schools operate. We feel that technology can be a powerful enabler for School Operations Management. We wish to build simple yet powerful technology tools that can be used by schools to simplify their management and collaboration. For us it is much more than just selling our products; we wish to deliver an overall experience to schools by enabling ideas via technology.


Parul Bhat
Founder & CEO

Mahesh Baxi
Chief Mentor

Dinesh Brid

Niraj Chauhan
IOS Developer

Karan Bhutwala
Android Developer

Ramdas Kasav

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